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Why Join us?

Our Mission

Unicharm contributes to creating a better life for human kind by offering the finest products and services to our customers and give a lifestyle free of worries and full of aspirations to realize their dreams.

At Unicharm India, we focus on the development of human skills, conceptual skills and technical skills of our associates to realize our companys' mission. Unicharm believes in making each unicharmer an expert in our category to foster a work environment that motivates and inspires excellence in people so that the Company is successful in its mission.

Unicharm looks for:

We look for challenging people who are innovative, believes in teamwork to contribute to customers and society and are ready to take self initiative to achieve results. Based on our belief to tap into unlimited potential, Unicharm welcomes people who believe in ""NOLA & DOLA"" way of working and continue to transform their abilities without fear of failure and maintain a positive attitude,

Individuals with dreams, aspirations and passion with a clear sense of purpose of being (""No. 1 in my job"") make Unicharm a company with high values and ethics.

Unicharm Human Resource & General Affair Philosophy:

People are the source of Corporate Value:

1. Human Perspective:

# We recognize that our employees are autonomous individuals and respect individual initiative based on freedom and individual responsibility.

# We believe that our employees should recognize their own mission and roles, and that they are all independent, active beings who think and act on their own.

2. The organization and the individual:

# We will all act in harmony with one another based on our shared aspirations, and will work together to create a vision for the future and share in the same joys as we continue to grow as a whole.

# We believe in market principles as part of our fundamental principles, and are always striving to achieve growth and ""wealth in three aspects"" for our employees and organization as a whole.

3. Growth and Creation:

# We recognize our employees' diverse values and encourage them to work together to continually create new value.

# We give our employees the means to grow and continue to create opportunities for them to demonstrate the results of their growth.

Growth and Creation

Unicharm not only espouses for innovation by giving opportunity to its people to bring creative ideas in existence and bring growth & uniqueness to its products and self. We prepare a stage where employees can feel a sense of achievement and grow together.

Workplace Culture

At Unicharm India, we strongly believe that each Unicharmer has the ability to contribute to the overall growth of the organization and so we promote a working environment where everyone is welcomed to flow in new ideas and energy in the goodwill of each stakeholder and the organization.

We promote a culture where people can share the knowledge with each other and learn new things everyday to create a synergy.

Development of Associates

The Unicharm Way (UC-Way) is the source of the Unicharm Group’s strengths. Unicharm focuses on fostering the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to implement the Unicharm Way. Training should not be viewed as a cost but as an investment that creates a string of benefits, promoting growth at both the individual and organizational level. Personal growth enables companies to put their philosophy into practice and paves the way to improve their corporate performance.

Unicharm's Salary Philosophy

We believe that, returning part of the added value created by a company’s business activities to employees is an important personnel policy which aims to increase employees’ motivation and also helps to make life happier for employees and their families.

Compensation in Unicharm India reflects the ethos of the organization and employees attitude towards work. It is designed to reward associate’s performance keeping in view the financial objectives and long-term focus of the associate as well as company.

Career Growth Path In Unicharm

We believe in letting each individual design and realize his/her own career plans by supporting our employees in every possible way. We encourage each associate to imagine and dream the career path they would like to have in short term and long term with the organization and we continuously work towards realizing our associate's career plan.

  1. According to the concept of the development of human resources, we create an environment where opportunities are equal
  2.  We help employees' self-development efforts to realize each individual's career plan
  3. We nurture employees with huge potential
  4. We energize the company with appropriate employee transfers

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