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What are Side Walls? How are these different from wings?

Side walls are Unique additional features available in SOFY that run along both the sides of the Napkin and prevents your Body flow to move out and thus prevents leakage, Whereas wings are adhesive extentions of the napkin folded around the panty to hold the pad in its place.

What is the differnce between SOFY side Walls DRY & SOFY Side Walls Soft?

Sofy Side Walls Dry have a Dry top sheet that keeps you Dry and Clean for a comfotable feeling. Sofy Side Walls Soft have a soft top sheet that is gentle on skin for a extra Soft feeling and is suitable for those females who have sensitive skin and who experience Skin irritation. Absorbency for both the variants is similar and is Long Lasting.

How To use a Napkin?

The process invloves 4 simple step :
1. Peel off and release paper from the back of the Napkin,
2. Place the pad on the panty base and press firmly,
3. Peel off release paper from the Wings,
4. Fold the wings around the panty base and press firmly.

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