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Message from the Top

From Japan to Asia and to the World

Aiming to become the market leader in the daily commodity

Unicharm Corporation wishes to provide people of all ages, from baby to the elderly, with products to gently support their minds and bodies to free them from burdens and allow them to fulfill their dreams. Including this desire in our corporate philosophy "NOLA & DOLA" (Necessities of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities), we offer baby and child care products centering on disposable diapers, feminine sanitary goods such as napkins and tampons, urinary care products for senior citizens, cleaning products such as cleaning sheets, wet tissues, health care products such as three-dimensional face masks and pet care products.


Our environment changes with the times, and customer needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and diversified. Quick to capture these needs, we have developed new products ahead of the market, utilizing nonwoven fabric and absorbent material processing and molding techniques that we have developed over the years since our foundation. We take pride in offering unprecedented value to customers through our products and contributing to changes in their lifestyles. We will continue to adhere to our principle of putting the top priority on manufacturing high-quality daily commodity products so we can continue to deliver high value-added products to customers.


We strive not only to assist customers through our business operations, but also to increase our corporate value by promoting proper corporate management that offers value to all our stakeholders including shareholders, business partners, associates and the general public.

Takahisa Takahara, President & CEO

Unicharm India - Top message

Unicharm India was established in 2008. We have launched MamyPoko Pants, MamyPoko Baby Wipes and Sofy to serve our best products to consumers. By our high level technology and our associates' determination to dedicate to consumers, all brands have been well supported by many consumers. We have had many consumers' voices to praise our products and I am very delighted to feel the reason we are here. I believe that we still have a lot of place to contribute to Indian consumers and Indian society with our NOLA & DOLA (Necessity of Life with Activities, Dreams of Life with Activities) philosophy of Unicharm Group. We would like to be the necessary company for our consumers and all business partners by realizing modern and hygiene lifestyle of consumers across India. I commit to all consumers to continue to serve new experiences and excitement by our products and services.

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