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Business Operations

As a company that supports a healthy mind and body in all people

We want everone to live a healthy, happy life from the day they come into the world. To achieve our dream, we offer products and services using technologies that we have developed in the areas of non-woven fabrics and absorbent materials.
Currently, we aspire to provide customer satisfaction through the development of high quality products and marketing activities across two business segments- baby care and feminine care.

Baby Care

With the aim of helping mothers and babies to enjoy the early years in comfort, the Unicharm group treats diapers as baby underwear rather than a piece of equipment, and offers products such as disposable diapers and also baby wipes that appeal to mothers and babies alike.


MamyPoko is the best partner who can be relied upon while taking care of your baby by providing him/her warm and comfortable feeling, thereby, deepening futher the bond between you and your baby.


Under baby disposable diaper category, Unicharm India offers two products- MamyPoko Pants and MamyPoko Pants Standard. Both are pant style diapers, which are easy to wear, making the childcare experience convenient and comfortable. With absorbency of 6 glasses, MamyPoko Pants last long and give your child an undisturbed good sleep. And if you want to have a happy outing with your kid or want him/her to experience cheerful daytimes, then MamyPoko Pants Standard which comes at an affordable price, solves the purpose.


The MamyPoko brand deeply understands your child's mind and body, as a result of which, it offers products that let you and your baby stay comfortable and in good spirit !

Feminine Care

Sofy Side Walls is all set to empower Indian women by making them feel confident, comfortable and proud of themselves even during the lean days. It is one of its kind sanitary napkin brand to be introduced in India with unique flexible side walls with wings. These specially designed sanitary napkins give extra protection from side leakage and keep wings clean and also absorbs for longer hours during mensuration so that you can be confident all the time.


The Sofy brand of sanitary napkins provides a wide variety of choices to meet the diversified and sophisticated needs of today’s active women, with napkins varying in use, thickness, material and length. Sofy Side Walls intends to be a companion to women helping them to make their dreams come true. Working women, active homemakers and students can all lead a quality life with Sofy Side Walls.

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