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Lifree Absorbent Pants


Easy to Wear , Easy to change

Lifree Absorbent Pants (M, L & XL size)

Absorbent Pant MAbsorbent Pant M

Absorbent Pant LAbsorbent Pant L

Absorbent Pant XLAbsorbent Pant XL

Easy to wear, Easy to change

Due to elastic waist band on top, these diapers can be pulled up or pulled down like underwear, this features helps the elderly as they can easily wear and take them off. Light and comfortable they fit the body and don’t sag, preventing leakage.

  • Soft & Stretchable waist band: Its soft and flexible waist band makes it easy to put on and remove. It is comfortable, gentle on the skin and fits well.
  • Powerful Absorption: The diaper has a powerful and thin absorbent sheet. The comfort fit leak guard prevents leakage for longer usage.
  • Soft Leg Passage: It has a flexible opening that let the legs pass down with ease. Once worn it fits cozily.



No of Pcs / pack

Size in inch

Sizes in cm

M size

10 pcs

24-33 inch

60-85 cm

L size

9 pcs

30-39 inch

75-100 cm

XL size

8 pcs

35-49 inch

90-125 cm



Lifree Supports the following physical conditions:


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