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SOFY Side Walls


Prevents Leakage with Long Lasting Absorbency

SOFY Side Walls DRY (XL)

SOFY side Walls Xlarge DRYSOFY side Walls Xlarge DRY

For heavy flow and side leakage protection

Girls get your Confidence with a smart and a new age Napkin 

SOFY Side Walls XL DRY

This Napkin prevents leakage and absorbs for longer hours because it has :

  • Unique Flexible Side Walls with Wings: Side walls minimizes gap from body to give extra protection for side Leakage and keeps your wings clean for longer hours.
  • Multi Leak Control Lines: prevents heavy flow from reaching the edges
  • Super Absorbent Core with Gel: It absorbs Heavy flow and locks Wetness in.
  • Dry Cover - That keeps you clean and fresh throughout the day
Item Size Pack Size Available
SOFY Side Walls XLarge


290 mm / 29 cm

6 Pads

12 Pads

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